So What Wednesday on a Friday!

Linking up for another So What Wednesday (on a Friday - God I am a SLACKER)!  Shannon is out for the day due to the fact that she had another kid and all, but ya'll come link up and tell us what you are saying So What to this week!

So What Wednesday
  • SO what if I kinda forgot I had a blog the past couple of weeks for no reason other than I'm lazy.
  • So what if I get to go to the beach KID FREE next Friday to have a relaxing Labor day with my inlaws and friends to celebrate a 40th birthday!  (Kerry, tell Toby I outed his age on the blog).
  • So what if we still have 4 roommates family members living with us and my sis and I secretly love it...The guys are going bald though.
  • So what if I just realized I haven't blogged in 21 days... oops.
  • So what if I look forward to Fridays simply for the fact that it is the only day that I eat fast food.  (and by only I mean usually).
  • So what if my google search keywords this month are Only Child Syndrome, Bare Booty, Dirty Linen Pants, & pictures of really cute babies.
  • So what if I really want my sis to get this house they put an offer on, not so she will move out but because I can't wait to hang out in it!
Silly face pics to send to Daddy when he had to work out of town!

Riding the train with Dad

 Scarlet and Harrison (aka Harriet...) driving the gator!

1st time at the dentist and she was a rockstar!

That's it for me this week! Have a swell weekend.


  1. Haha!! You outed him a year early...he's only going to be 39! And still pretty damn good looking if I do say so myself :) Can't wait for next weekend!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahah well then def don't tell him! And duh on the good looking, we will be beating the girls back next weekend :)

  2. haha!! i love your google searches! and that fridays are for fast food! rock on, girlfriend! :)

    happy weekend!


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