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(not one to typically write the kid notes here, like never actually, but she has me thinking these days and I wanted to share.)


You are 3 years old, if I was a "normal" mom blogger I would say 40 or something months but I'm not that great at math, so we will say 3.  This has been the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of being a mom so far.  All of the little words and stories and fun things coming out of your mouth, I feel like i can see the explosions happening in your head when you try to tell me something.  You are the most fun.  You shower me with "colimplents" (compliments) daily, you say you love my beautiful hair, my perfume smells like candy + princesses, my "jungle cat" (leopard) print shoes are your favorite.  And it makes my heart swell.  You are so kind and caring.  You always check on people, make sure they are ok.  You are mischievous right now, curious, learning how to "embellish" certain things.  You told two lies just this week.  You loathe timeout.  You pretty much loathe being alone period unless you're sleeping.  You're quite lazy, which surprises me.  I am always pulling for outside play but like your dad, you'd much rather be on the couch, cuddled up and watching a movie.  You want to quit soccer because you said it makes you tired.  30 minutes of exercise ONCE A WEEK, makes you tired.  This is a tough age too, it must be terribly hard to be three.  You find yourself in trouble at school about once every couple of weeks, and when I come to get you, you burst into tears trying to tell me why you got in trouble.  You don't love taking naps but you will lay there and let me rub your hair until you fall asleep, and baby, I will do that forever if you will let me.

You will eat anything.  Or try it at least.  You take your time eating, unlike me.  Matter of fact, you take your time doing everything.  Down right slow! You aren't one for nicknames, even if I call you princess you correct me, it's "Plain old Scarlet."  You are anything but plain & I love you just the way you are.

Alright, back to my old self, I've reached my emotional exposure limit for the year.  Maybe I can get back to my regular antics and maybe I should consider locking all other posts I have ever written if I plan on Scarlet ever seeing this.... hmmm.

 Happy Friday Eve!

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