I suck at blogging.

Scarlet is hilarious.  Last night we stopped by a friends house after school for a cocktail.  (My friend, my cocktail, she was just along for the ride.)  After making friends with a big pit bull named Duke, Scarlet decided that she wanted her own "Big Black Duke."  Ya'll, the words came out of her mouth, "I want my very own BIG BLACK DUKE."  I died laughing.

So friends mom happens to be a musician, which is awesome.  She handed Scarlet her mandolin and held the cords for her and let Scarlet strum.  She now wants a mandolin, and to take lessons.  I will so give into that want.  She also asked me how you say mandolin in Spanish, when I responded with Mandolina, she said ok well that is what I want to be called then.  Mandolina Hinton Macon, please mom.

I stayed in a sweet ass bed & breakfast for work in Jackson, MS last week.  Pretty sure it was haunted.  But man was it gawgeous.  Check it out, the Fairview Inn,  I was in the Hayloft Suite.  I can't wait to go back, I want to try all of the rooms, except the Roman, no thanks to a bed on a marble slab.

That's a view of the front, from the side. 

Haven't done Funnies in a while,  Lets see some...

Got to love a good Family car sticker.... If you don't think that's funny, you're a dick.

haha i cant stop laughing

^^^^^^ This kid! HA!

olympic divers photoshopped on to toilets. this is too much... hahahaha.
Ahahaha, ha, ha, oh shit.  OK, I can't breathe.  Who has time to do this?  I need to know so I can thank them.  Now.

Hump day

Hope you guys are having a Great Wednesday! :)


  1. Was doing great until the last pic! GROSS is what I think of Miley! So Miss Scarlet wants to be called Mandolina? So be it! HAHAHA!

  2. you are crazy! WHAT are all those swimmer pics? I love Miley! Dont bag on her! When I come to the ham I Am gonna make you listen to her whole album! xoxo

  3. Ahaha, I laughed so much with this post! :P Thanks for sharing!

    I write a blog about travelling and living in Spain, it would be awesome if you could go and check it ;) Thanks :D



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