Have you guys heard of Signazon?  

It's a pretty neat company!  I was asked to give my thoughts and here they are!

"Signazon.com was founded with the mission of providing our customers with the very best in printing. It’s one thing to print fast and cheap – it’s another thing to do that and do it well."  

I don't know about you guys but I work for a small company, and we do a good bit of printing things.  Not just paper things either, all kinds of things.  We print a good bit of these yard signs for golf tournaments and everyone knows all business type folks must have a good looking business card!  

As I was nosy-ing around their site I was noticing how their particular services would be great for bloggers!  From business cards (not just any business cards either, custom cards to suit you!), to marketing materials, to stationary.   I don't think you have to be a "business" to use their services!

Signazon also has political yard signs and magnetic signs for cars.  Trust me, I bet I won't be the only one ordering some of these this year... cough, nobama.   

I think this in my yard would be sure to win the neighbors over....


So.  If you guys need some biz cards, stationary, or a big fat "STOP HERE SANTA" sign, I think these are the people for the job.  Go check out the customer reviews!  Those have to be true!

Quick, go now, I found a 10% off coupon on their site :)

I was really excited to work with my FIRST sponsor, Signazon, to share their products with you!


  1. I do believe I would like to order one of those signs Sarah! Can we get a quanity discount???


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