DON'T do it

I know I have been missing for awhile but things have been crazy.  This post is gonna be a whole mix of whats been going on but since my computer is at the doctor and I am blogging at work it may be cut short. 

First - New job is good.  My first day alone was AWFUL and I was sure I was going to get fired the next day because I didn't know how to do anything they wanted done.  If you know me you know that I have worked in restaurants my entire working life.  From kitchen, to bar, to managing, to owning.  I know them in and out.  One thing I have NOT done is worked in an office, for engineers, with drawings and specs and the worst, scariest computer program on earth. (run on sentence much?)  So after day 1 I came back with a new attitude and sat in front of this computer and learned myself as much as I could and now I know (a little) what I am doing. 

2 - Scarlet started school and is doing great!  She picked up a nasty cold that turned into an ear infection after day 2.  Awesome.  Loads of green snot, coughing, and whining but she is on the mend and the doc gave her some Codeine cough syrup?  A baby.  Codeine.  I have only given it to her before nap and bed because it makes me nervous but then again I am not a doctor for good reason.  Her 1st couple days she was not diggin' the cot but now she is napping from 11:45-2 all by herself!  Big baby.  She has started talking and goofing off more after just a week with other kids! 

3 - This is going way back.  Remember when I went to the beach with my sister and her family last month?  Well some MAJOR shenanigans occured that i have got to tell ya'll about.  I couldn't find my fave swim suit so I talked hubs into letting me buy another when I got down there.  Now all you ladies know that a good looking and good quality suit ain't cheap so I was real excited!  I went to H2O Swimwear in Orange Beach, the swim shop of H.L.Hood and found myself a pretty Juicy Couture swim suit.  I fell in love with it, the cut, the ivory soft fabric, pretty ruffles, wish I could find a pic!  After spending a pretty penny, (a very shiny expensive $200 penny on clearance) I went back to our condo to try this puppy out.  We took the girls swimming and I still loved it until...I got out of the pool to get a beer.  What happened next was pretty terrible, my brother in law started dying laughing and told me to stand still so he could take a picture.  I walk over to see the picture and what is it?  Oh just my ass, my entire, shining, big, white ass.  You can see straight through the suit.  I decide not to freak and just be sure I pull the little ruffly "skirt" down when exiting the pool but then something even worse.  I walk into the pool and my friend Becky turns her head and screams, "Sarah!!! I can see all of you!"  Ya'll I have never been so embarrased in my life.  So I immediately go take it off, call the store and explain the situation.  I told them I knew it was not their fault and I know they don't take returns but could they exchange it and send it back to the manufacturer cause obviously they didn't MEAN to make a swimsuit show your woman hood.  Right?  They said I had to talk to the owner.  So I wait, and wait and TWO days later she calls me back.  This lady was crazy ya'll, I have never and could never fathom treating a guest the way she treated me.  I did not get out of hand as she told me "Sorry but most people know when they buy a cream colored swimsuit that it may be see-through and just like a white t-shit you can see through it when its wet!"  I said WHAT?  Thats why I don't SWIM in white t-shirts... Ya'll I was FUMING!  So I cool off, get home and sit down and e-mail Juicy Couture and guess what?  NOTHING.  I haven't heard a thing from them. 

D - Let's wrap up folks.  The moral of this post is,  I like my job.  My kid is super cool and good at school.  I will never shop at either of Heather Hood's shops (H2O or H.L. Hood) and I hope that you won't either.  I will no longer buy Juicy Couture $300 suits although I have loved my past ones I would rather someone who cares have my money.  I will never buy any of Juicy Couture's brand even though I love their perfume but I just ran out so I will try something new.  Finally how cool is it that I just got to blog, at work.  Glad I kept it "short!"  Have a great week & War Eagle!


  1. Haaaa! that was so funny but HL Hood is still a dickleg!

  2. I can not believe that about your swimsuit! That SUCKS! My friend Robbi and her sister own a shop down there in San Rock Cay! You must go there next time! What a hooker!


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