Dump of the photos

Bored today here at the old J.O.B. so I figured I would share some pics.  Been pretty boring around these parts other than Scarlet developing a new love for the riding lawnmower.  That is not all she developed, she also has a lovely little yeast infection, yup you read that right.  A baby, with a yeast infection.  Doc says antibiotics are the # one cause of them, who woulda thunk it. 

Little cheerleader girl :)

What a little cheese!  She needs one of these cars if anyone has a spare!

I let her play in the bathroom sink on game day.  She pitched a holy fit when it was time to get out.

This girl cackles when I say "ooohhhh" so much that she now makes her own "OH" face!

A few days after all the Missoni talk I went to target, this sweet dress for my girl was one of the few things they had left.  I wanted to buy the blanket too but did not want to spend $30 on a oversized lovie.

Having some good quality Dad time :)

Showing off her locks.

And I guess it slipped my mind but about a month ago I filled out an application for John to be on Hell's Kitchen...guess who got called and asked to send more pics?  Guess who got called back and said the casting directors have made a decision?  Yup.  My hubs.  We will hear today whats next.  EEEK!

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