I love the different seasons so much and today I actually felt them all for some reason. Seasons are one of the few things we can 100% rely on to occur every single year and man are they awesome. I love the fall feeling. I love the changing leaves, the cooling weather, the smell, the football, & having a fire. Today it was cool and I had not looked at the weather. I left in short sleeves and light pants and I am actually chilly. I love it. Fall isn't the only season I like though. I like them all. By the time the next one is near I am ready. I love that towards the end of fall I can't wait for winter. The possibility of snow, the soup almost nightly, a warm fireplace, & running inside from the car to warm up. At the end of winter I am longing to pull out my "cooler" clothes and be outside. I can't wait to see flowers and trees blooming and hear birds. About halfway through spring I am dying for summer. I want the beach, the pool, the grilling & the TAN! And about 3 months later I am ready to do it all over again! I know, totally random post but when I went to get the mail I couldnt help but notice the slight change in the leaves and the rustling of the ones already fallen. What is your favorite season? Or do you love them all?

See there on that tree? About 20 leaves are turning!!! And yes that is a flag pole. In our front yard. With an Auburn flag on it. Happy fall guys and War Damn!

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