OMG last night was a mess, literally.  We took the little one to the Homewood Christmas parade.  She had so much fun!  Watching the lights, seeing ballerina's, eating 2 Dum Dums and seeing a marching band.  We arrived home about 45 minutes past bed time, no biggie.  Little was quickly off to bed and snoozing with in minutes.  Where did the mess come in you ask?  Well about 2:30 this morning she started whining, it woke us both up but she rolls and talks and whines about sometimes so I thought nothing of it.  This went off and on for about an hour.  Finally I went in to cuddle and be sure she didn't have a fever or had gotten sick.  She was cool as a cucumber, went right back to sleep in my arms.  I layed her down and she didn't make a peep so I got back in bed.  No more than five minutes later it started again, after a while I said, "maybe I should go change her, maybe her pee is bothering her (ya'll this child pee's gallons, no lie) so I'll change her and then you snuggle her, ok babe" he agreed.  We creep into the pitch black room (hallelujah black-out curtains) and I scoop up my love.  I lay her on the bed, unzip her as she cries and open her diaper and start wiping.  Holy god what the hell is all over my thumb?  I said OH SHIT, turn on the light.  Literally Oh shit.  Everywhere, in her pajamas, on me, stuck to her back.  I used 9 wipes.  9.  I have NEVER in 19 months had to use 9 wipes.  After I cleaned up the crime scene Scarlet wanted to play, I said negative and John got to rockin.  little one finally went back to sleep and never made another sound, until I dropped my phone outside her door at 6:15... :/  Poor kid.  Oh and I think I left out that I let her have full cup of prune juice at 6:30 last night cause I thought she was constipated, glad she cleared that up for me.  Have a fab weekend, I'm off to finish off my Christmas shopping, hang with my fam, and sleep.

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