Once again

Hey guys
I am going to talk about Christmas cards again.  Cause I love em.  Love getting them, love sending them, love going through them with our little and talking about who each one features.  She doesn't understand when she sees Emma as a baby that it is Emma, she thinks its just a baby!  So cute.  SO we finally got a cute pic and these are the ones I am thinking about, what do ya think?

So guys what I'm saying is, what kind of cards do you send? Do you love getting em'?  And if you are tired of these posts, hate it for ya.


  1. Love the middle one! I have to say beware of the square card....its an extra 20 something cents per card!!!! I made that mistake 2 yrs ago......it was like almost 70 cents per card not including card costs. But, if u are getting free cards or a big discount, enjoy! Lovexoxoxo

  2. Haaa! I love it="If you're tired of these posts, hate it for ya!" Died. Sorry I suck and haven't sent you the Thanksgiving pictures yet. I will today!


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