Had to spread the word about this MAGIC my sis blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it sounded weird but seeing as how we want to eat it everday, for the rest of our lives, I was wrong.  Magic Roast is what I will call it.  Go try it, your life depends on it.  I am so ready/excited for Christmas.  I think I am done with all of my shopping.  *think being the keyword here.  Excited to be with all of our family!  We always have soooo much fun.

So any parents of girls, have you gotten to "the point" yet?  The point where that little girl that you labored for, that you wrecked your body for, that you could smell and cuddle all night has given up her Momma?  Everyone told us it would happen, everyone said just wait.  She will wake up one day and only see her Daddy.  Boy is it true.  She has gone from my sweet girl to wanting nothing but her Daddy.  Always, from the time I get her out of her crib in the morning to her night waking to fuss, whine, grab her lovey and yell Daddy.  From the time we get in the car to head to school and the second she sees me walk through her classroom door in the afternoon she wants Daddy, she needs him.  It hurt my feeling for the first week.  No diapers for me, she fuh-reaks out if she sees me eye the diaper pile.  Dinner with mom?  Hell no, she needs daddy to sit by her and be sure every piece of corn gets in her mouth.  Christmas tree time?  Not with this mom.  Just her and her dad sitting in the floor talking and touching the ornaments, saying their names.  Then I realized, holy shit I don't have to change her diapers!  She poops, gets a diaper and runs to John then lays down no questions asked.  Oh and brushing teeth!  Ha!  For me it feels more like holding a rabid cat down in the tub and trying to not get bit, for John she sits directly in front of him, lets him brush first for a full 5 minutes before her "turn" where she gets to dip her toothbrush in the cup of water.  During all this time I realized that I can put away laundry, pee in private, drink wine alone and cook without feeling guilty!  Why?  Cause that daddy is eatin it up ya'll.  He can't say no.  I do get a little worried about this creating a problem but when I see those two I realize that before we know it she is not going to want anything to do with snuggling us him so I let it go, and wish it was me for a little bit longer.  For the record here is the fit that ensued when I tried to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress  and this was the latter part of it, she had an all out floor tantrum...

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  1. And you know, there is nothing sweeter than seeing Scarlet love up on her Daddy! I totally understand! I still miss mine! Little girls love their Mommy too but nobody takes the place of Daddy!


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