I don't really have any good content.  We had an awesome Christmas with our families and I hate that we can't spend this much time with them year round!  Here is some photo proof of the babe having a blast.  May 2012 bring posts with actual content in addition to pictures of my cute ass kid.

 Loving the new dress up clothes from "Aunt" Robin
 Sugar cookie decorating with cousins
Her new 50's housewife dress...I LOVE!

Rocking the new jacket Aunt Wiss gave her
Playing in the box of FAO Schwartz puppets...

Ya'll this child recieved so much for Christmas we actually had to take things away and hide them for a later time.  A little taste:  A play kitchen, a smart trike, baby alive, plasma car, puppets, stuffed animals, color wonder, and all kinds of goodies.  My house is busting at the seams, so am I.  I ate too much.  Pretty sure I gained 4 lbs Christmas day.  Oh well thats what resolutions are for...oh wait I don't do those.  Hmmph gotta go back to work.  Happy new year & eat your greens :)


  1. she is so adorable! glad yall had a good christmas!

  2. How wonderful. We had to hide some of Lily's presents too.

  3. I love her 50's housewife dress! adorbs!!


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