If you hate your job

If you hate your job I strongly advise you to look into finding another one.  I know, easier said than done right? I've recently been made aware of a profession that just can't seem to make anyone happy.  Pharmacist. Has anyone ever met a pharmacist that just loves there job? If so where, so I can go there. Hey pharmacist, I know you work hard long hours, so does the rest of America. I know you went to school for a very long time but you chose that path, not me. I have no sympathy for your chosen career. If you don't like it, change it.  But let me tell you a little something first. You are equally as important as a doctor, a heart surgeon, an oncologist. You can make people live or die. You get that right? When a patient needs his pacemaker medicine (<--- does that even exist?) filled you fill it in a timely manner, you know, so HE. WON'T. DIE. Well you know what else is important? That pediatrician that called in the Bromfed cough syrup for a 2 year old patient. No, your right, a 2 year old certainly won't die from a cough but you bet your ass her mom could very feasibly kill herself, the dad or the kid at 3 am after waking up 47 times to pat the coughing kid back to sleep because the asshole at the pharmacy "forgot" to fax the prescription to the other pharmacy because they were out of syrup. Bam. Just like that you are responsible for 3 lives, making you almost MORE important than the surgeon cause they most certainly never operate on 3 people at once. I just need to get somethings off my chest here. When I call to ask if I should just come get the prescription to take it to another pharmacy and the lazy tech tells me "sho, it prolly be quicka if you come up hea and get it yoself cuz I ain't had time to fax it" something is not right. After I wait in a pharmacy drive thru for 20 minutes cause I am bra-less in my pjs trying to get my kid meds before bed and other assistant says "oh you can't ha dis cause it was a email, it ain't a written one, I can send it now but it gon take a minute" I look over and see the actual pharmacist, the lifesaver, standing there tap tap tapping away at her iphone screen...Oh cool, glad you have a spare minute there buddy, wanna grab a drink while we wait on this bitch to fax my kids script or you want to MANAGE YOUR TEAM and fill the fucking prescription. RAH. I don't get it. I just don't get it. It took me 4 HOURS from the time CVS received my prescription to fill it. FOUR. After I got the medcine (from another pharmacy across town at 8 pm) I rushed home to administer. Wouldn't you know. Had the opposite effect on her. She instantly turned into a 30 lb meth head, chattering and turning flips in her bed. All night long. You definitely didn't save my life pharmacist. Maybe you should go into something a little bit more laid back, a little bit more enjoyable, you know like a cashier or grocery bagger. Just trying to help out.

*This seriously happened 2 weeks ago but I had to make a note to blog it once I came off of that ledge I was about to jump from. No sleep for a week does something funny to you.
*Abby, I am sure Neal is a pleasant pharmacist but I can't drive to Opp for cough syrup :)


  1. Aw this is sad! My dad (80) was a pharmacist and he loved his job...back when he made milkshakes, rung up sales, sold a Russells Stover Valentine, or wrapped a gift (as well as dispensing meds)...so sad that they can be grumpy!

  2. o m g... u r awesome! i'm glad you share your rants...but further and most important, glad everyone came out alive and better ;-)


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