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Some stuff on the internet has been making me happy lately. I will share them with you. Some of them are blogs, some products, some etsy, some tweets. Just some clicks I like. Enjoy...

I found this.  Wittlebee. How cool. Pay $29 and get a box of kids clothes (valued at $100). Keep what you like, send back what you don't. Anything you don't keep either can be a credit for the next month or they will add another article in your next box. I like this. I'm not ballsy enough to try the Stitch Fix or Tag & Porter route  yet, $29 is way easier to spend than $200.

Although this chick can be annoying (only cause she is extra pretty, skinny, and seems to be living it up) I like her blog. She cracks me up and obviously has that "who gives a shit" attitude that I am drawn to.

Funny, Funny, Funny! I have been drawn to the funnies lately because my attitude sucks so bad I need someone to make me laugh. Pooh costume anyone?!

I have been praying for this little girl but haven't heard anything about her lately. I hope she doing well. Go read about her, she is strong & needs all the prayer she can get.

I posted a link to this chick the other day. She is funny, real, & good at her job. You won't find sunshine & rainbows here unless there are actually rainbows at her house.

I have yet to order from her shop but man is this stuff cute! Her blog is precious too and makes me want to be a cute mom, although I never will.

I KNOW these people are assholes but they are hilarious, AND this is where I find most of the new blogs I find.  I tend to love the people they hate, so in reality, they are doing the ones they loathe a favor by posting about them because I quickly follow each link!

Also assholery but anyone that devotes this amount of time making fun of a terribly dressed girls "style" blog, gets my page view.

How awesome are these kids t-shirts? I would like 5.

That's it for today. If you are in Reader jump out and see my new blog design & get my button!
Happy Friday!

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