31 days of duck face

So I totally wanted to keep up with all my fellow bloggers on doing the 31 days of blogging thing, but I am inconsistent and an asshole. So I thought I would just make fun of people for 26 days instead. Hope you guys enjoy 26 days of the infamous "Duck Face" pose.

Here's to day 1 bitches!!!

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  1. Haha you look psycho! Can't wait to see the other duck faces! This 31 day thing-really? I'm over it and its only day 6! Why must everyone jump on the bandwagon to show what they're thankful for or whatever. Ugh. Done.

  2. Do we have to see this same duck face for 26 more days???
    Yes, I am thankful for you, your child, your sister, her children, and the husbands!!

  3. Your lips aren't pouty enough. Duck face is more....poofy-lipped.

    Also? You're awesome.


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