Oh my god. I am so tired. I feel like i have a newborn, worse than a newborn because she can say my name.  I need a full nights sleep, I can't take it anymore.  Let's back up.

Monday I got to write my first post for The Poop! Fun!

Then I got sick.
Then Scarlet got sick.
Then I got struck by lightning.  Just kidding, I can't back that last part up at all.

So last Friday I was all pumped for work even though I had felt generally shitty all week.  My boss was out of town, I was gonna take a 1/2 day as per usual but I was going to go to the doctor. Get a shot & a z-pack and solve all of the worlds problems.  Clean my house, eat junk, clean my dvr out... Dreamy Friday right?

Except none of that happened but the doctor bit.  Scarlet woke up and I could tell she had a fever.  I couldn't bring myself to dose her and send her off to school because as I've said before, the assholes that do that are the reason my kid gets sick. I didn't feel that she warranted a trip to the doc for just a fever but I certainly needed one so my mom came over and hung with sickie while I went to the doctor. Got my shot & my z-pack and carried on.

Being home with a sick kid sucks. Bad. She was a fuss bucket & so was I. Then the weekend happened and she wouldn't nap. Like at all. And I still felt like shit. It was pretty nasty at our house. Then Monday happened, keep in mind we haven't slept through the night in like a month. Oh I left that out. She has been waking up no less than 3 times a night for NO REASON other than to be sure I will walk in her room. Efff. That. It goes back and fourth between me getting up or me socking John long enough for him to get up but either way I AM AWAKE every time she wakes up. Not fun.

The out-laws were passing through town on Tuesday and asked if they could camp out at our zombie house. Real glad we said yes cause Scarlet was up all. night. long. EFF THIS.
I could NOT take off work the next day. The best in-laws ever put there beach plan on hold for the day and took her to the doc. She got a breathing treatment, antibiotics, & some pretty potent cough syrup.

I came home from work to a new kid. It was magical. And whether she slept all night last night was because of the "little" bit over the recommended amount of cough syrup I gave her, or not, she SLEPT. There were unicorns and tiny hands massaging me with Gods beard when I woke up. Unicorns. I saw rainbows, I feel human.
Sleep is a good thing.  Hope none of you ever get sick.

P.S. My new blog design should be up soon...Like tomorrow. This girl made it. I like her, I kinda feel like we are related.
P.P.S. My friend Emily just had her first baby, a little girl named Reese. Go show her some Mama love. Now.


  1. Love love love the blog design!! Thanks for the mama shout out! Hope the stickies are gone from your house for a while too!

  2. Dude, I totally had a dream the other night that my husband was struck by lightening and reading this made me think of it. WTF.

    Love the blog redesign!


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