We don't have pets. I am allergic to cats. Like my eyes puff out and I sneeze repeatedly if I look through a pet store window at one.  Dogs are out of the question, I am not potty training anything else. Ever.  I have been thinking about getting the littlest a fish lately but I know she I would kill it, bringing me to explain dying to a 2 year old.  Not ready for that.  

So we got something even better.  We got someone else's pet. 

See Scarlet is skiddish of dogs in general but for some reason she is OBSESSED with my sisters mutt, Bart. Every morning I ask her if she had sweet dreams. Every morning she tells me she dreamed about Bart and he slept in her bed because he is a good boy and he won't tee tee in her bed.  Ya'll this kid is crazy. Although she says she likes Bart you have to bribe her to touch him. She would lose her shit if that dog got in her bed. Lose it. 

She has been giving us some flack lately about doing daily chores, you know like brushing her teeth and peeing before bed. Last night I told her I would show her a picture of Bart if she finished brushing and went to the potty, so she did.  That's right guys. Virtual pet bribery at its' finest.  
I quickly texted my sis and asked for an array of pics of the dog so I can continue to use this and this morning, I'll let you guess who got up without a fuss, used the bathroom and got dressed without a bit fuss all with the promise of getting to see a pic of her Boo-bur, as she calls him. 

Guys, my kid has a dog via text and is happy with it. 

I wish it was all going to be this easy.

Meet Bart.

Now if you made it through that I will introduce you to some people I am enjoying lately.

AP at "I Love You More Than Carrots"  - This is one funny chic with some cute little boys. If you've ever had a shitty/hilarious day that made you want to drink before lunch, go read todays post.

M at "Perfectly Imperfect" - She is raw and real and has the most adorable chunk of a little girl. 

Raven at "Don't Quote The Raven" - Holy shit. This chic is hilarious and if you want to see something that warrants murdering your husband click here. Safe to say I have literally been laughing since Monday. Not kidding.

Lori at "Pass The Olive Oil" - She doesn't blog often but I like it when she does. She is inspiring and working hard to get to a healthy weight. This chic can do cross fit ok, she has most of us beat!

Hope your week has gone by quicker than mine, pretty sure I am on my fourth Monday this week. Bring it on weekend!


  1. Love it! I wish I could show my dog a cell phone pic of a dog to get him to behave!! And thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Genius! No other words than that. I'm glad you found something that works (for now). I don't think I would've thought of that!


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