• So my back hurts all the time. Constant, achey lower back sucks.  I feel 90.   We have been sleeping on John's bed from college since we got married.  Eew guys, a hot guys bed. from college.  I don't even want to think about all of the little "things" on it. Anyway, gross.  So when my back began hurting I started whining. Naturally.  It took me a good 2 years of "needing" a king sized, better bed to even convince him that we could look.  See beds are expensive, and we are cheap.  Nonetheless we went a few days before Christmas and test drove/layed on some beds.  I got on a Tempur-Pedic Allura bed and my life changed, in the ten minutes I was on that bed my life was literally changed.  But lets get real, them bitches ain't cheap (like my husband) and we were just "looking."  We decided to shop around.  So we went home and wouldn't ya know, after 3 hours of "shopping" around (nowhere) husband told me Merry Christmas and go buy the bed! So I did. And it's great.  ONLY complaint? You have to "knead" the bed for like, a month, to get it to feel as good as the floor model that has been laid on by a bunch of dirty college mattress people, so yeah, my back still hurts, but since Mattress Firm is awesome we have a full three hundred and sixty five (365) days to take that sucka back and get a FULL refund.  Please believe we will make our decision on day 364.  Wish us luck.
  • Remember this post where I talked about Scarlet having a cough for 39 days? Well she still has it, and we have been to the doctor twice. What do I do guys?
  • I have been really wanting to go to a gym or Cross Fit or something but I am full of excuses. Money, time, laziness.  Anyone do any workout videos that are effective and won't make me die?  I will cut you if you say P90X.
  • I have a slight addiction to coffee nips, the candy.  They are 30 calories a piece.  I have consumed no less than 270 of my daily calories from these.  See above.

  • Scarlet, myself, and my MIL met some friends at a bounce house place.  She chose to wear her Phish Summer Tour shirt like mine, so I hippied her out.  Her 2.5 year old self is hilarious.  She spelled her name in the bath tub last night.  She is growing up to fast.

  •  This is the first "real" thing she has ever drawn.  I didn't know kids could draw stuff this young? She is definitely left handed and drew this dude.  According to her that halo is his hair, and the penis looking thing is his tail, which to her, is what she saw when her dad was getting out of the shower.  His tail.  At least she is being anatomically correct?

So that's all I got for now, this week has been the longest ever and I am ready for the weekend.  My MIL is taking the babe while John goes hunting so I fully intend to get a massage, go out to eat with friends, and just laze around.  What are ya'lls plans?


  1. I just laughed out loud at that drawing and john's "tail" please save that forever to tell her when she is older!


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