The Baby Shower!

Saturday was a BLAST!  We had our last baby shower and it was wonderful!  I got to spend the morning with sweet, beautiful, ladies and got completely covered in baby loot!  Seriously ya'll, more stuff than we ever knew we needed or wanted and then some.  I ate like I had never eaten because the ladies were sure to have all things that I LOVE!  Just what a preg girl that really shouldn't gain anymore weight needs...the doc is gonna love me this week!  See for your selves!


Ya'll I was in hog heaven!!  I absolutely LOVE opening presents!  Like seriously if John ever gets a present and I don't, he lets me open it because I just love it!  Now back to the food, it was awesome and my sister and I have realized that we don't have a pic of the table when it was full but I got a few before!!  My aunt had  a precious cake made with the invitation and we also had a ton of baby bites.  For those not lucky enough to know, baby bites are a little taste of heaven, like a dense little mini cake.  I think I ate 12 of them.

My lovely cake! (excuse the address mark out)

Aren't these beautiful!!

Another precious arrangement!

My mom, my MIL, my love, me, & my sis!

So here is where I started the opening at noon.  This went on for around 2 hours.  

About 100 presents later!! I was being rushed and felt like I was about to pass out from sugar overdose!

Oh did I forget to mention...do you guys want to see what I got?  Oh yeah, its true, I got it.  If you will notice my mom behind me and her face!  I thought she was about to punch me in the head when I opened this gift but since my MIL, Johns aunt, Johns grandmother, and a dear family friend were the givers and they were attending the party, she had no choice but to smile for me!!

What is it you may ask?  Well duh!  This is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake society satchel!  Isn't it perfect!! It is so cute and big and packed for baby already!!  SO needless to say, I kinda love it!  
The afternoon went on and sister came over to help us unpack ALL of the baby magic.  Seriously 2 SUV's full!  I finally got her room cleaned up today and everything put away.  Now I am off to fold the 3 loads of baby clothes and hopefully I will get them finished before little lady decides to make her appearance!  I hope you guys enjoyed my baby shower as much as I did and to everyone that was a part of it, THANK YOU!! You have no idea how much it meant to us!


  1. Wow, what a blessing! I love baby showers so much. It must be feeling "real" now that you have everything you need. :-)

  2. That looked like such a fun day! So glad you enjoyed yourself and got the most important gift of all - hot diaper bag! :)

  3. Still really sad that I missed this but I lOve that you got your bag! excellent!!


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