My point of view

37 weeks is here!!  John is going out of town this weekend so lets hope things stay put! (like baby)  Well I say he is going out of town but I have a doctors appt on Thursday so we will see how that goes before he goes to compete in the "Bodagetta  BBQ Competition!"  He and his cousin Matt are heading to Auburn to go up against the best of the best and hopefully win some money honey!!  Thought I would share the belly as of late! 
Excuse the iphone quality photo.  Here is my current belly!

What is this you may be asking yourself?  Well folks, this is the view of my feet at 37 weeks pregnant.  Oh whats that?  You can't see them?  Yeah, I haven't seen them either in about 5 months!  

Ok this cracks me up.  This is my belly obviously.  This is my point of view these days.  I am sitting on the couch, feet propped up and looked down at my little girl swimming around in my belly and had to take a picture!  For whatever reason since being pregnant I have grown this light blonde fur on my tummy, you can see it standing up here.  I knew being pregnant was weird but belly hair?  Eew!  Lets hope it goes away promptly after, not that I will be in a 2 piece for awhile ever.

Thats all for now!  More after the doctor on Thursday!


  1. Ffirst of all those pics are HILARIOUS and secondly, my old boss Bobby will be in that competion. John needs to go over and meet him! He is really cool!

  2. Ha! Love the pics! Especially the one of you on the couch-interesting view point! :D


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