No news is good news

Let me start by saying, sorry this has slowly become the boring, once weekly, baby blog but lets be honest, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  What the hell else do I have to talk about?  Right... NOTHING!  It is all a waiting game from here on out.  The room is done, my bag is packed, the car seat is in.  We are only missing one thing, and that is the baby.  I had my 37 week check-up today.  Blood pressure is fine and babys heartbeat is great.  The nurse asked me if had been having contractions.  "Well as a matter of fact nurse I had them ALL night last night, why do you ask?"  She then tells me to take off my pants.  I said "dang it, so if I had not been having them I could stay dressed?"  She said, "yup but too late now, you already said you were"... Me and my big mouth!  Doctor checked me and said I am still closed but I am soft, whatever that means.  He then proceeded to poke and say, "feel that?"  (Here is where that inner monologue kicks on in my head)  Well yeah I feel that, your hand is inside me Doc.  "That is her head."  I'm sorry what?  And he poked it a few times.  WEIRD.  I mean doesn't  he know she has a soft spot?  So anyway, that was the extent of it.  John got the o.k. to go to the BBQ competition and I got the o.k. to sit on my rear ALL weekend!  Even though I miss John the minute he walks out the door I can't help but be excited about a full Saturday of lifetime movies, Gilmore Girls, and junk food!  On another note, I know alot of you are Menu Monday, Weight Watchin', Vegetarians and although I am not any of those I made an awesome salad tonight to go along with our grilled chicken and leftover twice baked potato!  It was simple and oh so good!  All I did was roast 2 ears of corn (in a grill pan) then cut it off the cob.  I halved some cherry tomatoes and diced a bit of white onion very small and put all of this in a bowl.  In a blender I put some rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a small bunch of basil, a squirt of dijon mustard and some olive oil then blended until it was...blended.  I tasted it and had to add a bit more mustard and oil, I got carried away with the vinegar.  According to John it should be 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil.  Good to know!  So I blended again and tasted and then poured a little over the salad.  I did not mix it until right before we ate it and be sure not to put a whole bunch, you don't want it swimming in the dressing. So here it is before dressing.

And here on the plate with some yummy chicken and the leftover potato!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!  


  1. So, what's a grill pan? A pan that goes on top of the grill or an iron skillet? Salad (and dinner) looks yummy!

  2. Iron skillet momma. It has ridges like a grill but you use it on the stove!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it!

  4. Det! Ya party with ya secret single behaviors like it's 1994! Me love.


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