36 weeks, Easter, & PBO's

Man oh Man have we had A LOT going on!!  Excitement is abound as I have my 36 week check-up on Thursday.  I am nervous, this is my "un-dressed" visit.  UGH!!  How many times have I been told this is worse than actually having the baby!! Oh I will go with 30.  Apparently I am getting fisted, I don't know about you guys but this will be a first for me and although I am normally excited about trying new things...this is not one of them.  Then again I have this huge hope that I am going to go in and he is gonna say, "Oh my Sarah, we must have been wrong, you are going to have a baby in a week and a half!" And I say, "Hmmm sounds like a plan Dan!"  That really is his name.  So really about this doc visit, can you guys give me some insider info on how bad it really is?? You know, to me its bad enough that at 36 weeks you can't do much "grooming" or even see your downstairs for that matter and I have to let a stranger in?  Ugh I am freaking out!  Enough about that, I can assure you you can read all about how it went after the fact!  Let's move on to Easter!! What a great day!  We were so lucky to spend the day with my parents as well as Johns and man did we have fun.  Not much other than over eating took place.  Although I think my previous Easter blog worked because we racked up on some Reese eggs, jelly belly's, malted eggs, tiny bubble gums, hershey kisses and let me not forget, PEEPs!!  John and I brought the prime rib and dessert.  I deleted the prime rib pic but to quote a guy it was total "meat porn."  Instead of telling you how awesome the cake was, I will show you!  We made this FROM SCRATCH and for those of you that do not know me, I don't bake!  Well I didn't but apparently I can.  Now if I can just get my hands on a kitchen aid mixer I will be set!!  This is a White Chocolate cake with Lemon Cream.  I saw it on the Woman's Day cover in Publix and found the recipe online.

Me & John in Moms kitchen!

My sexy husband!

I'm not really sure why but these are the only pictures we took all day!  That is very unlike us but whatev.  Moving right along.  What, you might ask is a PBO.  Well my friends as of last week my husband & I bought a restaurant so we are now PROUD BUSINESS OWNERS!  For real!  I am so excited!  I will not divulge too much now because I want to do a major post on it once we get open.  I am a slight bit bummed out because our open date is April 26th which is oh like 10 days from my due date.  This stinks because I want to be all up in it ya'll!  I want to work and see all of our guests and do all the PBO stuff but I am afraid it may be put on hold for me, for awhile at least.  See I have worked at this restaurant for the past 2 years and John has for the past year so everyone has been waiting on us to buy and get open and now it is possible that I will not be there.  Oh well, I guess babies are kind of a big deal and they will understand!  (More on this later!)

I have a big rest of the week planned and can't WAIT to share!! My sis will be here tomorrow and we have a zoo outing planned with the niecy on Friday!!  I'm afraid I may have a whole post of pics after that! I haven't seen her since Christmas!  Maybe I haven't mentioned before but she is the cutest thing EVER!  This is her last week!

 Saturday is my baby shower and I am soooooo excited!!  I can't wait to see everyone and hopefully get all of the needed baby things that I don't have!  Seriously, if I had a baby tomorrow she would be wearing a dress as a diaper cause we have NOTHING!  Don't ask why I thought we should not buy stuff and just "hope" it shows up on our doorstep, good plan.  Not to mention I know some major food will be present and lets be honest, I haven't missed a meal lately.  For now I'm out, my baby is trying to jump out through my belly button and the moose tracks ice cream is calling my name!  


  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I am sooooooooo jealous! My secret dream is to own a restaurant and with John's cooking that is an awesome idea. Oh I cant wait to hear more about it. COngrats!
    You look fab and that food does too! I am sad to miss Saturday but want to try and visit SUnday afternoon on our way back to Nash. Gotta go home for the Newphew's birthday party.
    Ps. TWENTY-TWO pages of registry at BRU is madness! I almost lost my mind wading through all of that.

  2. Sissy, it's not that bad! It is very uncomfortable though. But it will be quick! They just stick their hand up there to feel where teh baby is. :D

  3. YOU OWN A RESTAURANT?!?! OMG where is it? What is the food style? I am so coming down to stuff my face, because I am good at that! Congratulations!!!

    You look so cute, look at the little belly! Hope you have fun this week with Sus and Emma!!



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