of internet makes it real hard to blog.  Yeah thats right, after 4 days without internet Charter finally sent someone out to fix our modem.  After a "no I am not paying for internet this month" and a few choice words, we are good!  Anyway I really don't have anything cool going on to blog about except for my friend Christina and I hosted my L.P.'s wedding shower.  Now once Christina and I planned this sweet, cute shower, we both got a phone call from L.P. saying she wanted a pajama party.  Wait, really?  A pajama party?  She was serious.  So after some further discussing with my parter in hosting we went all out.  Redneck style.  I'm talkin' girls & gays only, pajamas strictly enforced, presents required and bring your own jager.  I got to the house around 4 and made a veggie tray, Christina made some awesome pound cake sammies with nutella and sliced strawberries and mini muffelettas!  I am telling you now, we will be having these for dinner soon and I will post the simple recipe!  We had a bunch of beer and wine in a cooler, and a table full of snacks.  The guests arrived around 6 and the party kicked off.  Everyone had snacks then we ordered 4 pizzas and pigged out!  Ya'll this was HILARIOUS!  Picture this, 15 girls age 20-40 in p.j.'s, 10 gay guys in tight p.j.'s and a WASTED 19 year old girl that will remain unnamed.  But I was totally gonna show her to you in the video cause I'm mean like that but I recorded it sideways and can't rotate it...  I had to leave shortly after the "booty" dancing began because you know, I have a kid and all but all in all it was a great party/shower!  It was exactly what she wanted so that is whats important.
These are a few pics, the Nutella pound cake sandwich I ate before the party, our cute table before food came out, and my baby girl making a pretty good attempt at the sippy!  I know I said I had nothing to blog about but John just made the BOMB.com dinner!! Korean spicy steak with kimchi fried rice!  It was amazing!
Have a good week!


  1. Dang, I need to come party and eat with you guys!! Sounds like a great time & looks like great food that man of yours prepared!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I wanna see more pics!


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