Well we have officially moved in.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't unpacked a thing other than necessities and we still have several mover trucks worth of crap at old house but we have been sleeping here since Friday.  It is so awesome!! The babe loves it, we love it, and it seems that our friends do too!  We have had company since we got here(and loved it!)  We had a great Saturday night, family was in town, we move the EGG and grilled 6 slabs of heaven/ribs. We all ate too much, drank too much and stayed up too late but we had fun!  All in all I am POOPED.  To tired to blog, play, move and pretty much do anything.  Ya'll have a good week and 4 month stats coming at ya tomorrow!!
Weagle Weagle
War Damn Eagle

Kick em' in the butt Big Blue!!! HEY!


  1. Ain't nothin XXS about that chunky butt!! Love!!

  2. Letta is so dang cute and her hair is getting lighter! She and PB need to get together and count fat rolls! kisses letta


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