Dude, we have been missing for quite sometime now.  I have had trouble blogging for fear that I might explode with some major news!  Some major baby news!! Not me, you can put your barf bags down.  But my sister over at The Edwards Edition is expecting Baby #2!! I have had to wait and wait to blog, tweet, facebook, or even talk about this and I am BEYOND happy to become an aunt to another sweet babe!!  Love you sissy.
Hmmm what else has been going on?  We went to Nashville for our yearly drunk fest Thanksgiving.  Had an absolute blast/ the worst hangover I have had since week long stays in Panama City in high school.  Thank god I had mom & aunt Suzy to pawn the babes off on and catch up on some well needed rest.  Scarlet did GREAT this trip which makes me not so terrified to travel with her.  She slept 7-7:30 EVERY night, even when we moved her sleeping body from Grannies to the hotel!  I bought a baby monitor app so that while she slept we could hang in cousins room or at the bar.  I know, we are ghetto, but that's how our family rolls.  Scarlet LOVED Thanksgiving dinner, she has sweet potatoes, stuffing, & broccoli casserole.  She also has sprouted her first tooth!  I can feel it, it has broken the skin, but it is not a cute little tooth yet so I am excited for that!
On another note, Auburn won!! Weagle.  John and I are going to Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game and cannot wait!!  The 2 grandma's will have baby girl so we are going to cheer our team to victory (hopefully) AND have a baby free weekend!! I will NOT know what to do with myself!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  What are y'alls traditions?  Is your Christmas tree up? (mine is!)  Now, hop on over to The Edwards Edition and congratulate my sis!
Little one in her Thanksgiving digs (made by my mom)

The soon to be big sis, her cousin, and her growing sibling!!! 


  1. Ha! Thanks sister!! Emma looks super evil in that bath pic!!

  2. I am still HEARTSICK over missing Thanksgiving at Grannies.I may never get over it!
    I love all those pics of Letta in her little Fall dress! Ya'll have fun this weekend
    and tell me more about this app you speak of

  3. Oh LG this app is magic, I will fill you in. You put it by the babe and it calls a nu,ber you leave when it detects noise, from there you can choose to respond to the noise or listen to baby and see if they need you! Unfortunately I did not know that if i hung up once it called me it stopped the app. So the baby was alone with no monitor for a hour, oops. She came out strong though!! Love you :)

  4. Those pictures are so cute! I love the colors with the dress...so pretty!


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