I got lucky enough to come across a tweet today from Megan @ In this Wonderful Life.  She has a most beautiful angel baby who just turned 6 months old.  The reason I am telling you this is because I saw this tweet, that she was praying for a baby, and I had to look.  Now I have been reading Megan for quite sometime, she has gone through more than anyone I know but she is so heart-warming, so positive, so beautiful of a person.  So I clicked on that link, and I just sat here and cried.  A baby.  With the same name as my baby, was just born a month ago at 26 weeks.  A 1lb baby.  A sweet little girl who needs so much prayer.  How did I get so lucky?  That's all I can say?  How is this not my baby?  Thank you God for my healthy girl and Thank YOU for watching over these sweet ones who aren't so healthy, be it Cohen, Scarlette, and any other little one.  Whether these babes are here on earth or not, they are here in their momma's hearts and anyone else that knows them.  Megan, I wish nothing but the best for you and I know you & Brent will have a sweet baby to be here on earth & a sibling to Cohen soon enough!  You deserve a blessing!  And KA, I cannot imagine what you are going through but with your strong heart and Scarlette's strong hands, she will be a "big girl" before you know it!!   


  1. Thanks so much, Sarah! We greatly appreciate your thoughts & prayers! xo

  2. I could have written this post! I think all the time how LUCKY we are to have healthy babes. I cry about cohen often and he makes me very grateful. I will check out the other Scarlette and pray for her!


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