Wanted: spare house...

to store all our shit.  Seriously ya'll, our house is absurd.  We do not live in a small house, we live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house and after ONE Christmas with a child we need a bigger one!!  Time to purge!  Sister came over today to help me unpack some of the 2 car loads of stuff we seemed to accumulate in a day and we got a lot done, but not enough!  Baby girl had a grand old time ALL week, yeah thats right, we have not been home since last Wednesday.  We are so blessed and had such a blast with both of our families, we got tons of cool gifts and are just having fun going through them and playing!  Baby got so much I put a lot of the older toys away until later just to save space!  Anyway I just wanted to share some pics because all I really have to say is, "GOOD Night!"

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  1. Gurl, you will NEVER have enough space. Its just a fact of life that we all have entirely too much stuff. Just do the best you can so that you can stay organized. Cleaning out toys is a must. Just pack the toys for bitty babies up in those large storage containers and put them in the attic. I store all of Rutledge's clothes that don't fit in the long, clear plastic containers that have rollers on them, they just slide under the bed and you can stack them. Just label the outside of the box with size and seasons. Glad y'all had a good Christmas!


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