I am so excited for Christmas this year.  No, I am not getting (nor giving) the perfect gift.  No, we don't have exotic plans.  I am excited because I feel like this may be the most simple Christmas I have ever and will ever have.  In the past I have always gone over the top.  I spend too much money and over all just do TOO much!  We go too many places, we eat too much and we don't have to do it this year.  I imagine that over the next few years, as babes gets older, I will want to give her the Christmas my parents gave us.  I will want her to be excited for the big family dinner at our house with all the cousins.  Although I'm excited for all of that, I am even more pumped that this year, we are takin it easy.  We are giving homemade gifts, we are only going to Johns parents and my parents houses, we are not having the traditional dinner at moms.  I'm a little nervous about the dinner thing but we are making fried turkey, Frank Stitt's Mac N' Cheese, green beans, deviled eggs, & caramel custard.  The fried turkey is my BIL's idea and he and John are so thrilled to drop a large bird into hot oil, I'm scared.  John and I are making the mac cause it is sooooo good at this restaurant.  Mom is making good ole homestyle green beans with ham!! She is also making deviled eggs cause we are ALL obsessed and she makes the best :)  So what are your Christmas plans?  Going big or taking it easy this year?

We made fried chicken for the first time, OHMYGOD why have we never done this!!  Sissy and my niece are cute~!
 We went to Auburn game in Atlanta last weekend.  This guy was serious and he was soooo cute.  I love old people and marching bands.  Speaking of marching bands, we got to see the entire Atlanta Christmas parade.  Holy God I love marching bands and I got to see like 456 of them.  I was about in tears I was smiling so big.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. The lack of stress makes it all worth it. Big Christmases, is that right?, make you start to dread the holiday.

  2. I was nervous about our fried turkey (for thanksgiving) too - but it ROCKED! Moist-est bird ever. I want another one.
    ps. your caramel custard sounds divine... will you be sharing recipes?!!

  3. We hope y'all have a GREAT Christmas! We will miss seeing you but totally understand not dealing with the "rat race" and our own version of the "holiday nazi";) Its just not humanly possible to "do it all". We have learned that as well and its been the best thing we've ever done. We have a pact to always wake up in our own house on Christmas morning and enjoy our day at home. Grandparents can come and see us if they would like. We see Matt's parents on Christmas Eve morning and then are on our own for the rest of the day. We are making our own traditions and it give us a good sense of independance. Not that we don't want to be with family but we have learned that its absolutely impossible to coordinate with everyone and come up with something that's convienent at the same time. So, we see my family the week before Christmas and that works well too. Of course, its sad for me that I can't be in my mom's house on Christmas Day, but, to me, its more important for my child to have a sense that OUR HOME is a special place to be too! So, as the years go on, I'm sure we will be doing more of the scehduling before the actual 2 days of the Christmas holidays, and, I think that works well for us, because, we just want to be in our own home:) Love to y'all! xoxo


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