All I want

I am so thankful this year, I am so lucky this year.  I know luck isn't real but I believe it.  I have such a great family, I have a healthy baby, I have a house, and food, and a job and love and last but most certainly not least, I have luck.  Good luck.  No, I am not bragging, I am reassuring myself.  I have come across 2 babies this month that have my heart (other than my own babe) and it couldn't be any heavier for these girls.  Both named Scarlet, of some sort.  One is Scarlette, one is Scarlett Grace.  These girls are not ok, for the moment they are sick, and need your prayers.  Just please take the time to read their stories, give them your reassurance, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  To whoever or whatever you pray to.  I don't care, these families need it.  Much more than I need boots or perfume, much more than you  need gift cards, or money.  They need a prayer for life.  Spread their stories because in all times now is the best "the more the merrier."  And I don't want to imagine a "Merry" day in the hospital but if I had to I would want to do it with one of these mommies.  Much love and prayers to you all :)  Happy Christmas.
(this is my baby, do not steal her picture)
And for the record, all I want for Christmas is what I have, a healthy family.

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  1. That is really sweet sarah and you are sooooo right! I shall pray for them. I was already praying for scarlett and will begin praying for scarlett grace.


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