We have been super busy lately!  Spending a lot of time as a family and doing new things with our little.  We went to the zoo for Scarlet's first time and had a blast.  She petted a goat, touched a flamingo, and got dive-bombed by a lorakeet.  Overall the zoo here is gross, but with a little babe it doesn't really matter because they have fun no matter what.  I was pumped about the splash pad but it was closed for some reason :(

 As you know, we started cloth diapering.  Several reasons are #1 they are cute, #2 they are much, much cheaper in the long run (especially if you plan to have more than one little) #3 they are much better for the environment as well as baby bums. And #4 did I mention they are CUTE?!  Our stash so far consists of 8 AIO one size, 2 G diapers, and 2 Flip hybrids.  We have mostly AIO's which I like best although I like the convenience of a hybrid with a disposable insert.  The inserts are biodegradable and you can flush them, toss them, or even compost them.  We have not had any leaky accidents (other than the my fault one) and even have gone through the night in one without leaking!  Ask another CD mom, that is very nerve-wracking for the first time cause when you are used to your little sleeping 12+ hours a night, the last thing you want is a 2am wet wake-up call.
We made plans to go to the 7th annual Chili cook-off in Homewood on Saturday with my mom.  As it would happen, We got 2.5 inches of rain Saturday.  We went anyway.  That morning, mom and I thought it felt warm out so we dressed babe appropriately, in a short sleeve onsie.  We park, get out and the rain begins.  I had a towel in my car and was able to cover up Scarlet as the temp dropped about 20 degrees in the 2 hours we were there.  Awesome.  So we got soaked, ate chili, danced in the rain, and all came home totally exhausted.  Scarlet LOVED the live music which gets me seriously excited for her first festival coming up in May.  Ya'll we are some music loving people and I cannot wait to take this little girl to all the Panic shows she can handle.  I also think hippie babies are cute so as long as I can pick her style I will.  I ordered some super cute fisherman pants off Etsy that I am patiently waiting on for the beach!
I cannot wait to see her in these!
Babe had a lemon for the first time and kinda loved it.  She has also become obsessed with wearing this old hat of her dads that we found in a box.  As for all other aspects of our life (as if there are any) the restaurant is busy, busy!  Woohoo!  I lost 2.2 lbs on Weight Watchers last week!  I need to do a post on these awesome recipes we have been having lately.  I'll get right on it.  Hope ya'll are doing great!


  1. Great post! Letta is getting so big and I am so excited for cloth diapering for her! Also will make it easier to potty train her since she never gets used to the sensation of sitting in her own mess. Congrats on your WW!
    i LOVED her fishman pants!!


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