Kids Market!

Woohoo we put some things in the "Largest Consignment Sale" ever this year so I scored an early pass to go shop.  Now I am not one of those crazy consigners thats drags multiple laundry baskets on a rope and waits in line for hours trying to get in.  I had a specific list for my early shop day that consisted of a baby gate for the living room, some more cloth diapers, and a new ergo (yeah, I sold mine like a idiot.)  About that last part, we are going to the Hangout Music Fest in May and we NEED to be able to wear the babe on our back, or else not bring her cause stroller + sand + newly walking baby = disaster.  I went in at my scheduled "early" time and got the baby gate and a few cloth diapers.  The selection for those was terrible but I got 4 for $15.  I was able to get a few outfits thanks to my MIL!  She couldn't attend the sale but gave some chedda for the babe :)  So check out my loot!
Top left: Kelley's Korner smocked Lobster bubble ($20) I normally WOULD not pay this for a used item but smocked AND in great condition I could not pass it up!  The dress next to it is so cute ya'll.  Strausburg Children and only $10!  She wore it today :)  Top right is a sweet little paisley top and ruffle diaper cover that I thought would be great for the beach.  The pink shirt is part of the bottom left set.  OK make fun of me but I LOVE these.  The shorts, the shirts, they are precious.  Beautifully made by Neige which I had never heard of  but once I felt the soft fabric I had to get em'. ($30) eek I know but for 2 shirts and shorts...not bad!  The orange gingham is a "War Eagle" pillowcase dress that I knew John would love!  So all in all, I didn't get much but I got goods!  Can't wait to see lil bit in all of em'!  We have been up to NOTHING lately.  Working and living just like everyone else.  I am slowly counting down the days to the beach... Come on May 19, come on.    Oh and I forgot to say, we demo'ed the basement this weekend.  Like no more walls, no more tile, no more nothing.  We are having it waterproofed this week ( I hope) and turning into a functional space.  I am so excited and can't WAIT to share the process/progress!


  1. Hey sista! Me like ya outfits! Me can't wait to see the basement!

  2. I wanna see some close ups of those outfits and I cant wait tosee basement pics too!

  3. I love me some Kids market. Madelyn had that same Kelly's Kids outfit last year. What lucky girls to have mommies with such good taste.


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