Get A New Daddy

We really like to sing this song but exchange "Daddy" for "Mommy."  Especially when we wonder why our baby has been clingy and we realize she has gotten 4 new teeth within the last month.  ( in no way am I saying that we do anything in this song, I just think it is hilarious.  If you disagree then press stop and shove off.)
Other than that not a whole lot has been going on.  Growing teeth, cleaning house, and springing break.  Looking forward to my sis and her family coming into town for their spring break and putting the girls in the baby pool!  Speaking of baby pool my little will be frequent-ing that thing this summer cause it sure wears her out enough to nap GOOD!  (New teeth and all!) They will be here for Easter as well and we are hosting this year!! YIKES.  The menu is the usual, Prime rib (by me) twice baked potatoes ( by mom) and green bean casserole ( by Jo).  Hopefully someone will be making a fab dessert...sissy.  Anyway nothing else here, have a great week and enjoy the weather!


  1. Hey sissy! Dessert will come forth, bathing suits will be brought, fun will be had!

  2. LURD! 4 new teeth at once! Poor baby! And poor mama & daddy! The only times the Rutledge hasn't been the "perfect" child;), where the times he was teething. For some kids, teething doesn't faze them at all....but for others, its HELL! Any my child is in that category. There are 2 schools of thought on teething and I'm in the category that believes that teething brings on fevers, sinus issues and CRANKY/CLINGY babes. And, what I didn't realize the 1st go round is that cutting teeth literally takes months. Especially molars. Rutledge starting teething at 3 1/2 months and didn't cut a tooth until he was 5 months. But, we finally figured out he was teething bc of the incessant drooling and bc I took him to the Dr bc I knew something was wrong with him! Teething tablets didn't do a damn thing to help so we gave tylenol and motrin. It definitely helped his discomfort and he was a different child when his pain was relieved. If my baby hurts, I help him! Hope y'all have a fabulous week!!! Love!!!


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