We are going to Nashville this weekend!  Woohoo!  Me, mom & baby are packing up and heading out to visit Grannie Annie on Saturday morning.  I am excited.  Grannie may lose it when she has a mobile baby in her non-baby proofed "nice" home.  We all know I live in a padded cell these days trying to wrangle this child.  We made a few breakthroughs on the baby-proofing front today.  I moved the toy box into the family room in a safe spot where she can pull up and fall and not bust her skull open when she falls (which is inevitable.)  All of the little choking objects are gone, the outlets are covered, and the fireplace is next on my list.  My only MAJOR prob is the T.V.  Ya'll I don't know what to do...It stands on a rickety ass table that my MIL wants back so bad (its real old and fancy) and I wanna give it to her.  Not cause I don't like it, cause it is UN-SAFE!  I have had to yell at baby 10 times a day about pulling up on this thing, like a mouse could pull it over.  So on that note she is having to go everywhere with me, even to the bathroom :(  The only problem I am having with this is the size of what I want.  I found some great things at Home Goods but we are def not in the market to spend $250-$500 so as for now we are stuck.  Stuck taking her to potty with us I guess.  We wanted to build one but after 12 pulls today I told John this is not something that can wait.  Any advice?  I don't want some craigslist lookin', ghetto, college t.v. stand.  I want a media console.  Solid wood, cabinets on bottom, open slot for cable box, then pretty shelf for T.V.  Let me know if ya got a spare.  Anyhow we have a busy week ahead with catering and getting packed for the weekend.  Me and babe will get to spend some quality time with Auntie L.G. and Erik and we just can't wait.
Love and baby proofing


  1. I saw a comment you had left on Its a Wonderful Life and your picture reminded me of my wedding pics. Your family is adorable!! I hope you have a great time in Nashville {20mins from my hometown}!

  2. Suggestions:
    1) Cheap but sturdy cabinet for now while you save for a nice one later.

    2) Wall mount (but I have no idea of the size/shape/type so IDK if that is even

    3) Anchor the TV and cabinet to the wall.

    4) EVERYONE has a different view of spanking (and almost all are very reasonable), but it *might* be something you want to consider in this instance, unless you are just completely against the whole idea of spanking. As my daughter became mobile, I would spank her hand (very sensitive, but nothing there to damage) when she would do dangerous things - grab at heaters, power cords, etc. - and then say "Ouch. That could HURT baby," or something to that effect. Then, when she'd get near it, instead of saying "no", I'd say "ouch!" or "you'll get hurt." For small children who don't really have the right/wrong thing down yet, they are deterred by a painful stimulus, and they become afraid to do something dangerous. IMO, I'd rather hurt my child a little to keep her from doing something that could hurt her a lot worse. And by using a different action AND a different word, it showed her that this was more serious than something I'd just tell her "no" about. Again, that's my personal opinion/view on the concept, and there are plenty of other views that are just as relevant.

  3. We had a local cabinet maker build our little "entertainment" cabinet. I don't know if you remember, but, we had it built to go into a corner. I wanted it to look like an actual piece of furniture and not some random piece of equipment for our tv and stereo stuff. I also had the cabinet maker leave it natural so that I could paint/stain it as I liked. It was a top drawer the length of the cabinet that holds remotes, dvd's, etc. Below is a large cabinet space where everything goes and there is a set of double doors that we can close when we have company or when baby is exploring. TV sits on top! I think we paid around $250??? And, its solid wood, no particle board.


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