We had a great trip to Nashville this weekend to visit my Mom's mom, Grannie Annie.  She is a sweet, dear Grannie and I am so, so glad to be able to take my little sprout up there to get to know her like my mom did for us!  Mom and I left early Saturday morning and made the quick 3 hour drive.  Scarlet slept awhile then played, ate, and watched Yo Gabba the rest of the way.  We really didn't so much of anything other than eat, drink, play with Scarlet, eat, and play cards.  Needless to say I am scared to get weighed on Thursday...  Then menu went a little something like this, Corned beef & cabbage, steak & potatoes, pizza, and vodka.  Oh and throw in a bunch of goldfish, pretzels, and maybe a box of cheez-its.  YIKES.  We had a little retail therapy at the discount store up there that rocks my world and found some goodies!  A Leap Frog table, a baby pool, a kids Crazy Creek chair, an outdoor baby swing (like the kind you hang in a tree) and a bunch of books!  Scarlet wrapped Grannie around her finger and had her giving her the phone, and pretzels, and all the love she could need!  On another note, the time change did baby well.  She has been sleepin til 8 instead of 7 and Momma can get down with that!
Ya'll that baby pool has a built in bubble blower!! Best part, I got it for $3 at Essex!  And that's my sweet Grannie lookin' fly in her teal Juicy suit!

The cutie boy is LG's Fenn, he is a heart breaker for real.  Total smiles all the time :)  The pic of Scarlet is from Instagram and I am IN LOVE with that app BTW


  1. So glad ya'll came up! It was super fun seeing you , just not long enough!! kisses to letta lou!

  2. Sounds super fun, I am so jealz I couldn't go with y'all! You could come back on the first......... :) Can't wait to see you and the fam!

  3. Lurvin' all those deals! Glad y'all had a blast!!!

  4. Always good to see the Jenkins crew.. Emma loves me.

  5. Wait, wrong Jenkins.. Letta loves me.


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