Berry good weekend

We went to Tuscaloosa Saturday for Johns birthday.  We had an absolute blast!  We all played hard and got to see all of John's fam which is always cool.  I am being serious ya'll.  They are the in-laws that you actually like being around.  Matter o' fact, LOVE being around.  Fun, carefree, sweet, & AWESOME cooks!  We had ribs, chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, deviled eggs, dorito chicken, fruit, and A LOT of beer.  (is this not standerd in my posts?)  Although we didn't take any posed photos, I got some great ones of baby girl.  Who by the way got baby sat by a piece of (seedless) watermelon for 45 minutes and didn't so much as look up.  Yes I was watching her :) Sorry for the picture dump but my kid demolishing strawberries and watermelon is A-DAMN-DORABLE.  These outfits are so cute ya'll!  A good friends mom made these sweet things for her!  She also made Emma a matching skirt and shirt and has some things cooking for baby H.M.E!  
All of the below are baby girl mowing some berries except the one in her new fisherman pants!  They finally cam (from Thailand) and are sooooo cute.  Thanks MIL for hemming em'!
And last but NOT least this child sat in the grass for no less than 45 minutes and sucked on watermelon.  She ate rind, seeds, and maybe a bit of the actual fruit!  

We had a blast and most of all, her daddy had a happy, happy birthday!  Love you Poppa!


  1. She is entirely too precious for her own good! So glad y'all had a great weekend celebrating John's burfday:) Miss y'all and love y'all!!!

  2. OMG that us the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Letta is gettin down on the fruit! Chunky armpit rolls!!

  3. Happy Birthday John! Those pictures are precious!! Love the fishman pants

  4. Is it the same kind as the ones for adults as this wholesaler sells ?


    I don't know if there are different fisherman pants ?

    Thanks for help !

  5. Hey Pretty Letta!
    In-Laws are the best!!!


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