Where have I been?  Not that you care, but my sister has been in town for a WEEK with her squishy face sweet baby girl and the last thing on my mind has been blogging!  We have had quite the eventful week.  Scarlet is obsessed with Emma, Emma is not obsessed with her.  We played hard while sister was here and she got the magical City Select baby jogger (for 2!!) cause she is expecting HME in June.  Johns birthday was Saturday so we had a party at his parents house.  We grilled out and drank all day.  It was awesome.  Sunday we went to the ball park for "Softball Sunday" and we had a blast!  The sun wears this girl (and baby) out so it make for a great nap.  I covered baby in sunscreen and I am glad I did cause I am fried.  We came home and me and baby napped for 2 hours while John hung out with the girls!  Here is some evidence of our fun!  
These are Emma's size 7 Elmo slippers that she refused to let go of...to bad she left em' at my house.

 This is my child's neck.  She leaned up on Wednesday and I saw this.  Totally scabbed over.  Looked like a giant animal clawed the back of her neck.  I went through every article of clothing she wore the past week and can't find any blood or evidence of what caused this.  It hurts me to see something like this because obvi it is my BABY and I would know if this happened in my care but I don't know.  So it sucks to have that feeling.

This is sissy's new stroller that is B.A.M.F and that got a screw in the tire the day after she got it...

So thats it ya'll.  We have been lazy, full, laughing, happy, sleepy, fat & totally loving family time!! What have you been doing?

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  1. Those slippers are hilarious! So glad you guys had fun! LOVE!


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