We are still here

Omg I have not blogged in so long. We have been busy busy! For whatever reason we are hosting Easter dinner, then my childs 1st birthday party, then my sisters "baby sprinkle" all within 2 weeks. Yikes y'all! And by hosting I mean AT MY HOUSE! My old, unfinished, dog peed floors, creaky house! I am excited though really. I have been waiting on my turn to host things and well, my turn is here! Baby girl is doing great. I seriously can't believe she will be one in 2 weeks. Girls if you are a new mom, believe me! It goes by fast! (more on that later:)) work has been crazy busy with caters as well as in store business which is awesome! I have a post coming about babes Easter basket (cause I made it!) and about our Easter deco so stay tuned :) happy Thursday y'all and here's a couple sillys!

She loves her old tub!

Yes that is a rib bone in each hand...

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  1. So dang cute!! =)


  2. Great pics! I miss her! Cant wait to hear about Easter! Wish ya'll were gonna be in Nash!

  3. gah! She is so ahead of the eating game. I remember that from when we saw her in Nashville! AB is still in love with her bottle and turns her nose up at to 3 of the 4 baby foods we try to feed her! When we try to feed her table food, she looks at us like, "errr?" and of course doesn't eat it :) Good for Scarletta for her eating!!!!


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