Prayers Needed

For those of you that aren't aware, we had some killer weather here in Alabama the past couple of days.  We made it out just fine but the entire road that comes to our neighborhood is pretty bad.  Trees and power lines cover the roads and many houses are completely demolished from the winds that came through.  We tried to take my parents a bag of ice yesterday before the next round of storms hit and it took us 2.5hrs to get about 2 miles.  My parents had to walk about a mile out of their neighborhood to meet us because of all the power lines.  They are shredded and snapped.  It looks like someone came through with chainsaws and cut them.  Literally just snapped.  Directly across highway 280 (from our house) is impassable.  It looks like a war zone.  We didn't even have a tornado, it was all from wind.  As for the places that had tornadoes, they are WRECKED.  So many people need your prayers right now.  All of our family (that we know of) in Tuscaloosa is safe.  We don't know anything about the damage yet because John's parents were in Birmingham when the mile wide tornado passed through.  (Thank God!)  Please just take a few minutes and lift up all of the people hurt, killed, lost, scared, and harmed by these storms.  The pics with the trees broken are about a mile from our house.  The ones that look like a war zone are from my friend in Pleasant Grove.


  1. Did you take that picture in the upper right hand corner? Someone else had it posted on twitter, if you took it just wanted you to know that it's being retweeted. So glad all you guys are ok. If you're wondering who I am I'm married to Melissa Howard, now Melissa Smith.

  2. Yeah I took it, thats my beach condo sticker in the windshield! Who is RT it? We are so lucky to be ok, all of our family is living and thats what matters! I know who you are :)

  3. I don't remember who RTed it. I just remember seeing that picture.


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