Happy Easter

So yeah we have been MIA but we have been having such a time it is worth it!  We had the WHOLE fam here for Easter.  A beautiful day with the focus on our 2 beautiful girls.  My sweet niece and little Scarlet had so much fun.  Scarlet is obsessed with Emma and wants to do everything she does (although she can't quite walk!)  So it made for a great time.  Scarlet had a blast on her new "car" as she calls it.  It is a Disney ride on toy that her sweet "Hunny" brought her.  She learned how to mount this thing ALONE within a day, yikes.  Here are a few pics of her and Hunny, Emma hijacking the Car, me trying to open some books for Scarlet, and Her POUNDING a peep!  A blue peep.  Yeah she may have ruined her Easter dress!
That precious girl in pink is my niece.  Yes I am well aware she is adorable.  Ya'll my baby girl looks up to her so much it is hilarious.  When she leaves, Scarlet does EVERYTHING Emma did while she was here!  (with the exception of walk)  She has been collecting eggs, hugging the teddy bear, and riding the car.  Just like Emma.  I love it!  I love this cousin love.  Anyhow we have a huge couple weeks coming up.  Cinco de Mayo is the biggest day at the restaurant for us but even bigger (and before) that would be that our baby is turning ONE!  Damn how did that happen?  May 3rd we will have a 1 year old?  Party deets to come :)  Hope you all had a Happy Easter!


  1. Love those Easter pics! How fun!! I can't believe Scarlet is about to be 1...how did that happen? I hope y'all have a blast at her birthday party! That Easter dress is gorgeous!!! Honey did a good job with that ride on toy!

  2. Awww, sweet girls! Emma loves "the baby!" And Emma looks drunk in that picture with the peep! We had such a good time, those two are going to be hellacious! We're doomed..........

  3. I am so jealous of ya'lls sister action! I wish y'all were my sisters too! I love those little girls like they were my own! I know you guys had a blast they look ADORBS in their dresses!! Kisses to all my jankins'


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