All Hallows Eve

This year was quite different than last years Halloween.  Little bit actually got to go Trick or Treating and although she was a little nervous to walk up to doors she had fun!  Once she got her paws on a bag of M&M's her nerves quickly faded.  Last year she was a duck, a really cute one. 
We didn't do ant treating last year.  We sat on the front porch and handed out candy.  You see, Halloween is a big deal.  I love it!  Our neighborhood goes all out with decorations and fun.  All of the kids and some parents meet at one of the cul de sacs and a Dad hooks up a "hayride" to his truck, all of the neighborhood kids pile in and the dad totes them to each house.  It is awesome because our neighborhood is very hilly.  We decided to save the hayride for next year when Scarlet can stay up a little later and isn't afraid of the other kids costumes!  So in order for us to be home in time to hand out candy we went early so the little one could experience the fun!  We put her and he best little friend in the wagon and let them hold out their candy bags to collect the goods.  After about 30 minutes of this they were both ready to ditch the wagon so we headed back to our house and set up camp in the driveway to let the girls try out some of their loot and run some of the candy high off!  Scarlet got to eat a candy corn pumpkin, M&M's, and a ghost peep.  She was JACKED up! 
The girls before going out.

Busted eating a tootsie pop through the wrapper... 
Checking out the many kids running to the driveway! 
McKenzie LOVED Scarlets' Elmo candy bag and she was not happy about it! 
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Stay tuned, Sissy and her brood are coming today to stay with us so you know a cute picture, crude humor, and funny post is sure to come!

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  1. OMG that pic of her as a duck is beyond words! And such a cute Elmo too! Wish we could've gone with y'all!


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