Was awesome.  I'm just gonna ramble for a bit.
First off I am so thankful for my job.  Several reasons.  One being that now that I am working, spending time with my family and friends has become much more precious.  I am not saying that I didn't enjoy it before, but now that I don't stay with my babe so much I live for the time that I do get to spend with her.  Before, a vacation was never really a vacation because I still did the same thing I did everyday.  I worried about schedules, eating, timing & basic mom nonsense.  Now that I have a full time job I am able to relax more, if we stay out later than bedtime, who cares.  If she wants to eat goldfish for dinner while traveling, alright by me.  If she only takes a 30 minute nap, hell she will live.  I used to get to see my family more and I love that but now when I see them it is even better because we know we have only a few days to spend giggling, drinking, chatting, eating and watching our babies become friends.  It's awesome.
We went to Nashville for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  We have been doing this as long as any of us can remember and will continue to until Grannie (the master of the fam) refuses to have 17 crazy people in her house anymore.  Ya'll we have so much fun.  All of the kids get hotel rooms at our favorite Hilton (that has a bar) and after daily events at Grannies we return to the hotel for pool, booze, and staying up all night chattering and catching up!  This hotel loves our families.  They seriously give all of us with kids rooms by the bar so our baby monitors work, now that's customer service. 
We came home Friday exhausted but ready for the Iron Bowl!  We had some peeps over and made a huge spread of food.  I found all of it on Pinterest and was pleased with every bite, even the ones we had last night for "left over" dinner!  We had no bake reese cup heaven, bacon wrapped chicken strips with honey mustard glaze, muffin pan tacos, 5 layer hummus (awesome), pimeto cheese, party meatballs, and I'm sure I forgot something!  We were major fats.  War Eagle anyhow.
Other than all of that, I am so excited for Christmas, I love this time of year.  I have been snatching up some pretty cool gifts for folks and having an absolute blast showing our little the Christmas decor.  She loves the Christmas tree and naming all of the ornaments.  Hope you guys are having a fun season, I know we are despite the 70+ temps here!  Thank God it's cooling down!
 Little cousins!  Scarlet snuggling with Daddy and nephew Harrison one morning!
 Harrison having a bath looking like a little pretty boy!
 Our adorable cousin Brett having his first baby experience, I don't think he ever held Emma or Scarlet!
      John helping light the tree for his bossy, anxious wife!

And real quick,
Guys, what is on your Christmas list? I need some ideas. The only thing I know that I want is a camera, a good one. A DSLR. (Canon or Nikon if Santa is reading) I don't really know anyone willing to spend that amount of chedda on me though so what is everyone asking for?  Please help, my parents, out-laws, and peeps want ideas and I just ain't got em! 

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  1. Well... I am a doula so if someone got me anything doula related, like a t-shirt, rebozo, book, DVD or something, I'd be happy. I'm mostly wanting stuff for my little girl for Christmas. I haven't really thought about it either!


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