What an idiot

So last week I got so excited to find a spot to score some free Christmas cards, I filled out the info that Tiny Prints required and waited patiently for my code to come via e-mail... Then I re-read the form I had filled out.  I was supposed to blog about it!  Oops.  Here goes!  We are total slackers and not only have we not ordred our Christmas cards, we haven't even gotten the perfect pic of our little.  Last year we used someone else but a friend of ours always sends the cutest birthday invites & Christmas cards and they are always from Tiny Prints!  So I know most people have ordered their cards and I hope I get one but this year you may get ours after the New Year.  If you are slackin' with the Macons & have a blog then head on over to Tiny Prints, fill this out, and get your own FREE cards!  Thats right, free.

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  1. If you will let me slide by this afternoon after work and see "little bit", I won't need a Christmas card from you. Could be one less stamp????? LOL!


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