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Had a mom win last night and thought I'd share.  I know a lot of us deal with grumpy, starving, annoying, whiny, I don't like food kind of kids and after my brilliant idea yesterday, I scored a point.  Thats right, I finally beat her.  I outsmarted the baby. I'm not gloating, o.k. I am because after 452628 times of thinking up a magical baby recipe, or fun plan and having her slap her arms until all of the carefully prepared food has gone from the high chair tray to the floor I did it this time!  So normally my kid eats anything I put in front of her unless it is a vegetable, or a meat other than chicken, or a fruit not in baby food form.  I was planning our Iron Bowl party menu at work yesterday and thought of these delicious meat balls my MIL makes, then I thought meat balls sure are delicious, then I thought why the hell haven't I given my kid meat balls?  I mean think about it, a kid with food shaped like balls that taste good.  This could go one of 2 ways and like I said before I won.  She did not throw them like she does peas, corn, hot dog, and actual balls.  Nope she ate them, pounded them.  I thought about this after making them and next time we will add veggies to the mix (I'm just getting cocky now) and make them a lot smaller, like marble size.  I can imagine how excited she must have been to sit down to a smiley face made of meat and bananas.  I know I would be  So make your kid your favorite meatball recipe in miniature, brown them in a skillet until done.  Drain the grease then add a spoonful of apple or grape jelly to the pan with a couple squirts of ketchup and let that melt good.  Toss your balls in with it and BAM!  Toddler dinner.  Now put them on their plate with blunt toothpicks (or pretzels) stuck in each ball.  Cover you kitchen floor in garbage bags and let them go crazy!  Maybe I can catch a meatball picture tonight cause she is for sure eating those leftovers.  And for the record I know this isn't epic but when you are a mom to a toddler your definitions change.

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