Tids & Bits

  • What a fun Halloween! Scarlet is finally old enough to "get it" and man did she get it! She had a blast!

  • Although that is in fact an owl costume, she was convinced she was just a pink birdie. Whatever works.
  • Although this Thanksgiving will be a lot different without Grannie, we have decided to carry on and have it at her house for one last year.  A rally if you will cause ya'll if anyone could rally, it was our Grannie.  Man we miss her. 
  • I am pretty sure I have gained 4 pounds in the last month which wouldn't be a big deal except I just ate 4 more pounds of Halloween candy at my desk before lunch.  
  • Scarlet has been telling me she wants a pink car from Santa, she has never seen a pink car.  She is in fact getting a car, but not a pink one.  A red or blue Jeep Hurricane Power wheels is in her future!
  • There was a robbery in our neighborhood. Yikes. We have been broken into before in our old neighborhood where it was more common.  Where we live now this is unheard of.  The alarm is set now and we have guns, beware robbers. 
  • Anyone jumping on that NaBloPoMo bandwagon? I can't commit to that kind of shit. 
  • Last week I thought I wanted another kid, then I realized that is gross, then I realized we can't afford 2 kids in school so there goes that thought.
  • I am getting really good at procrastinating at work & I don't like how it makes me feel but no matter what, I always find something un-workish to do like blog or facebook.
  • Can you believe it is November? What the hell? Now I get why my parents tried to tell us it was like we grew up in the blink of an eye. I can't believe another year is almost gone. :(
  • What is everyone thinking about for Christmas? I've got my eye on this beauty among other things...

  • There are no words for how excited I am about another weekend. I LOVE them.  Come on Friday!

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  1. I love that ring! No joke about sending kiddos to school- I would be better off staying home than sending her. Text me your address when you get a chance. Still trying to fix my broke blog!


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