Bullets & Points

  • We went to my sisters last weekend for girls time.  We had a blast and Scarlet has decided she needs a dog. Lord help me, I hate animals. I have made it clear that if a dog were to find its way into our lives it will live on a chain, next to its dog house, outside. It will never set foot in our house. I am allergic and they smell and I loathe dog hair. 
  • While at my sisters house we decided to grill out after the girls went to bed.  It is unfortunate that no one told me you have to "burp" a Big Green Egg and I now have a singed off patch of hair on the left side of my head.  Also we had been drinking when this happened (shocker) and the words "Holy shit, do I have eyebrows? Am I on fire?" came out of my mouth, still funny.
  • My kid has had a cough for 39 days.  I totally haven't been counting but that sounds about right.  Do you guys take your kid to the doctor for a cough? I don't want to.
  • After I got home from sisters My husband told me he was going hunting this weekend, I said no way am I solo parenting again this weekend so his mom is going to take her Friday night so I can have some lazy, DVR cleaning, me time. Is it bad that I am excited?
  • I can't wait until Thanksgiving, we are bunking with our friends the Grizas and will have 6 adults & 4 kids under one roof.  Holy shit her house seems really small now (and it's not). I may be bald when we leave.  I also get to pick up my iKid while we are there! Yay! 
  • Speaking of iPad, I can finally reclaim mine after Christmas because Johns parents want to get Scarlet a Kurio tablet. It looks cool and she will leave mine alone! 
  • If we do ever get a dog, it will be this one.  

  • I miss my Grannie.
  • Why is this week going sooooo slow?


  1. ha! your posts crack me up..

    good plan with the dog if y'all get one -- the hair is off the chain at my house.

    have fun with your me time this weekend

    I posted Reese's 1 month on my blog- cant figure out how to get it to go to your reader working on emailing it to you?

  2. Awww I will have a blast I'm sure! Send me the link to Reese's post!

  3. I hear ya on the "no dogs in the house" bit! My husband had a dog while we were dating, who regrettably now lives in our house. Color me bitter. I HATE having to sweep and vacuum volumes VOLUMES of dog hair. The barking, the staring at me while I eat, it’s all too much. Yuck. Yuck to it all! Okay, phew. Glad I could get that off of my chest to someone who doesn't like animals in the house. If I say these things in normal society I might as well were a scarlet letter on my chest. Dog peeps are too attached to the little mongrels.


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