I was driving around downtown today for work and I started thinking about my car history.  Right now I have 2009 Chrysler Town & Country mini van.

It is badass, well as badass as a mini van can be. Whatever, I think it's cool. But man, I have had some laughable ones.  Let's see, the one that stands out the most is the 1981 Chevrolet Cavalier I got when my great aunt died.

This was my 2nd or 3rd cavalier. Haha, the others were at least in the 90's make! So I got this car & immediately told my dad that I didn't feel safe driving it. He told me to get over it.
The driver seat was not attached to the floor board. Re-read that sentence. Not attached.
That means when I pushed the gas I fell backwards & when I braked, I ate the steering wheel.
It also had a tendency to die when I turned left. Haha literally I would turn out across traffic and it would die, every time I turned left.
That car finally blew up when I was getting off the interstate one day.
Then I got this Ford Taurus.
A land yacht ya'll. You could tell the previous owner was proud of this thing with the flashy interior... I couldn't afford the $65 a week car payment the guy worked out with my dad (a high school buddy of his). $65 a week. I was such a dumbass. I drove this car into a stop sign, across a street and into a ditch one night after work. Thankfully I was ok even though there was a stop sign in my passenger seat. I was digging in my purse.
After that one dad and I set out yet again and found me "my dream car." Seriously I thought this Montero was the BDC and I was (supposed) to pay for it but that didn't last long, so dad did. I am spoiled. I rocked that car, it was my fave! I had it for 10 years!
I don't know what got me thinking about these cars but my car history cracks me up. I even left out a few! What was your favorite/least favorite car growing up?

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