Dia de los Muertas

This happened. It was time consuming and fun.

And ya'll, it was an absolute blast.  I was soooo nervous that Scarlet would be scared of my "face" but she wasn't. She told me she didn't like it at first but by nights end, she asked me to do hers the same.  Next year my girl, next year.  Tonight was the first night I have relaxed in quite sometime, like really relaxed.  I looked up, about 7:45, and realized I didn't care that it was past baby girls bedtime.  She was happy, we were happy, & shit was good.  She ate corn on the cob, mexi style. Apparently, that is covered in mayo, cheese and hot sauce.  That's my girl.  Ya'll I like weird shit but I was nervous to face paint and take my child to this.  I don't know why, I just was.  Now I know that was dumb. We all loved it and will be going back next year. The pork belly tacos didn't hurt either :).  happy weekend folks!


  1. That makeup is awesome! I love it!

  2. I love your face makeup ! And all the lights look so pretty ! I hope you guya had an awesome time

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