He's baaaack

Last year we had a little issue, well multiple little issues.
And it wasn't only last year. It's every.winter. For the past 4 years.

We have these tiny bitches that think they can live here rent free and nibble our food pieces. They think that it's totally appropriate to scurry across the kitchen floor when I walk in from work holding a 30lb 2 year old, a purse, a jacket, a cup, a lunchbox, and a cold beer.

That's right. We have mice.

I would say mouse but we all know where there is one, there is likely 12.

Those fuckers think they are entitled to what's mine and I am here to tell you, I WILL WIN. This year I'm bringing in the big guns and you squirmy little bastards better be reading this cause I am here to stay, and you my friend, are not. Bring it on Fredrick, bring it on.

Until next time.

Hope you got your helmet sucka!!!  

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