Failed attempt

In an attempt to be less of an emotional wreck, I decided this is what my night will consist of.

It is ridiculous how I have been crying over everything and I can't help it!  Someone calls to come over, I cry. John walks in the door, I cry.  I'm hungry but for what?  I cry.  This shit is bananas.  My sister swears it goes away soon.  She better be right.  
We had our 1 week doc appt today.  Scarlet is in great health.  She has gained 4oz since we left the hospital!! Dang ya'll, most babies lose 10% of their body weight in the first week!  She is a piglet, like mother like daughter.  She had to get a PKU test and it was the saddest thing ever.  She screamed like hell but I got down by her head and talked to her and she calmed down.  She is so sweet. 
I am trying to brighten up.  I know I need sleep in order for me to not want to scratch my eyes out so that is the one thing I am hoping for.  I am gonna go strolling this week to get out and next week we got things to do OUT OF THE HOUSE!! For real, I could not be a SAHM mom for anything! (well except this...)

We look seriously thrown away here.  Well I do.  I mean, eew.  Can I get a tanning bed, a hair style and oh yeah, sleep.  On a positive note, I have lost 20 lbs in a week!  Woohoo, keep it comin!


  1. And who took the cute picture of the Macon family? Wasn't me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaa!
    You are doing great, John is doing great, and baby Scarlet is the best!! ♥ LOVE Y'ALL! ♥

  2. you look so fantastic and skinny pal!! i need you to get some sleep so i can come visit. i miss you guys!! give scarlet 651 kisses from aunt jilly!

  3. Sissy, I PROMISE it gets better! I'm glad Letta had a good appt-she looks so presh in that second picture!! Enjoy the time when she sleeps all the time, cause soon she is gonna be like Emma and NOT STOP moving!!!

  4. Everyone says it and I agree, it does get better. I remember a couple of days after we came home from the hospital and Jo and Rut had come over to visit and I just started balling! Jo sat down on the floor in front of my nursing chair and was just so comforting. It can all be overwhelming and too much but at the same time happy and joyous. Too many emotions at once! I remember having Rutledge in the bassinet, Matt having prepared supper and having me sit at the table with him....I would just sit there and cry.....cry, cry, cry. I think after the 3rd week, I really started seeing an improvment. Getting outside DOES help! Getting out the house for a couple of hours DOES help. Just pack up and go to your mom's house for a few hours. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. Love to you all! I know how you feel. Don't beat yourself up about it because everyone goes through it and it doesn't mean you are weak! It means you are a normal mama! p.s. I wanna SMOOCH that baby:)

  5. She is just delicious. I can't wait to see her! and you and John, of course. :) It does get better and believe it or not; you will miss those days of Scarlet being so little and snuggly. My only advice is to savor each late night feeding, snuggle, whimper and cry for it passes way too quickly.

  6. What a PRECIOUS little addition to your family!!!!


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