The Time Is Near.......

Hello folks, this is Sister here-I normally broadcast over at The Edwards Edition-but today, I am stepping in as a guest for Sissy.

She called me at 7:30 ATL time to ask me if her water was breaking.....after describing what was happening, I told her she should probably call the doctor. Doctor said come on down to the hospital, so off they went.

Brother John called me and said this is it-they are in for the long haul. I am leaving in the morning (she is not dilated yet).  This is still about to kill me though-I want to go NOW! Momma is in Nashville with our grannie-her house was flooded this weekend. That is another devastating story for another time. Momma is coming home in the morning too!

So, I will be back with LOTS of pictures to share the minute little Miss Scarlet Hinton graces us with her presence. (Please, Lord, make it be around lunchtime tomorrow!!!) Can't wait!!!


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