This is the only thing that has been happening since I last blogged.  I will attempt to get back to regular posting soon. 

Lots and lots of snuggling, diapering, feeding, burping, and NOT sleeping.  She slept last night for 3 hours at a time and it was HEAVENLY!!!

3 weeks old tomorrow...


Finally some awake time pictures!!


  1. She looks different already! I will be coming home soon-in June! I can't wait to snuggle Letta Loo! You look great and I can't believe she is almost a month old!

  2. It's about time! Y'all are really slacking on the blog posts!! Get with it! Pictures are great - I love the one where she is smiling on your shoulder!!! John looks rather stern holding his angel!!! I ♥ y'all!!

  3. She is adorable!! Enjoy every minute of it...it goes by so fast!!

  4. She looks just like her DADDY! Glad you got some sleep! If I was there I would come help you! I know sleep is important for sanity!


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